Our turnaround time is currently 6-8 weeks, this is only an estimate and is subject to change!

For ash pieces we ask for around 1/2 teaspoon per piece (Don't worry if you only have a small portion, we can still incorparate it!)

For breastmilk pieces we require atleast 10ml for the preservation process

For hair/fur pieces we require around 1.5 inches long, again don't worry if you don't have this much!

Yes, I will be storing it in a freezer until use

Yes! All jewellery apart from leather bracelets can be upgraded to solid gold / rose gold / white gold. most can be upgraded to 9ct + and a selection can only be upgraded to 14/18ct please message me for more information

Please place the container / bag inside another bag and label the outside with your name / order number

i would recomend using a padded mailer bag

My address will be sent over to you in the confirmation email after your order is complete. My studio is in Douglas

Unfortunately not! All of our pieces are custom made therefore cannot be refunded!

If your piece arrives damaged we will repair/replace it free of charge

please note we photograph all items leaving the studio